Our Approach

Our approach is unsurprisingly, one of common sense.  Our experience of 'what good looks like' in HR, across a range of industries and company sizes, allows us to focus in on the areas that need extra attention. 

-  We keep in mind what the client needs to know to make an informed decision.

-  We assess and identify any risks.

-  We interview the Managers, Critical or Key staff and investigate / confirm what they have told us.

-  We ask enough questions to ensure we get the right answers.

-  We analyse the processes, metrics, data, structures, and HR policies to ensure our observations are scientific and quantifiable.

-  We identify weaknesses and threats.

-  We keep one eye on the future possibilities and the other on the challenges.

-  We measure the culture, engagement and management effectiveness.  

-  We arrive at an overall picture of the 'health' of HR, the management and the workforce.  

Once we have the picture, we present it to you in a straight forward manner. Simple really, when you think about it. 



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