HR Due Diligence

The following are some of the things we naturally consider as part of a comprehensive audit of Human Resources.  Many are overlapped and come under more than one heading. e.g. Induction could equally well come under Retention or Development, but is listed as part of Recruitment.   They are grouped here for convenience and as part of the 'On-boarding to Exit' cycle.  

Attraction of Critical Staff; Brand recognition, Employer of choice, Marketplace, Skill availability, Advertising, Application process, Graduate applications and Employee Value Proposition

Recruitment; Processes, Costs, Efficiency, Effectiveness, Lead times, Recruiter Skills, Induction. Manpower planning

Remuneration; Reward strategy, Performance Management, Job Evaluation systems, 

Retention; EVP, Opportunity, Development, Competition. 

Motivation; Culture, Communication, Employee participation, Disciplinary, Unions, 

Development; Training, Mentoring, Graduates, Succession planning.

Exit; Interviews, Reasons, Length of Service.


Associated Measurements; Staff turnover, Reasons for leaving, Cost of recruitment, Engagement, Morale, and Performance.    

In other words, a thorough A-Z of the efficiency and effectiveness of the Human Resources Strategy, Operation, Processes and Management. As well as a  complete review of the Human Assets and Competencies. 

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